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Why Choose Us?

The following are a few of the key components that are propelling our company to unprecedented heights in the highly competitive global market:

  • We make certain that clients receive only the highest quality items, such as Pruning Shears for Professional, etc.
  • We keep the price range of our products much reasonable than the other businesses.
  • We make every effort to complete all orders as quickly as possible.
  • We have vast years of experience which help us gain the trust of customers.

Our Workforce

Our exceptional workforce serves as the foundation of our company, as they are always seeking to increase our efficiency. Members of our workforce are chosen only after proper testing after which they are allocated specific tasks in which they excel.

Quality Assurance

Because quality assurance is a crucial component of our organisation, we have been able to back up a well-known position in the market. We have always ensure that in all our business activities best quality levels are maintained. The products we provide to customers like Pruning Shears for Professional, etc., are ensured to be confirming with the highest quality standards. We undertake many inspections at regular intervals as part of our quality assurance procedures to ensure that faulty goods are removed.

Cooperate History

The corporate history of our company is as follows:

  • 1910- Shojiro Wada, founder of the company, established Wadasho Co., and began manufacturing flower scissors at Zaimoku-Cho, Sakai, Osaka.
  • 1933- For expansion purpose, the factory was relocated to 2-2-29 Kitahatago-Cho, Nishi, Sakai, Osaka.
  • 1960- The present product S-200 was launched.
  • 1962- The present product T-500 was introduced.
  • 1965- Present product M-100 was launched.
  • December 1968- The company Chikamasa Co.,Ltd., was formed and Jyuntaro Wada became its president.
  • December 1976- The factory was relocated to the current location.
  • February 1977- By purchasing next factory, the factory was expanded.
  • September 1989- New office was constructed.
  • May 1994- Kisaburo Wada was appointed president.
  • October 2003- A branch office in Niigata was established.
  • April 2006- We received certification No.3 (skilled people of Sakai) of Sakai Wazashu.
  • May 2006- Yoshikazu Wada became president.
  • June 2006- Pruning Shears was launched.
  • September 2007- Pruning Saws were launched.
  • September 2010- A new office and factory were added to the existing one.
  • November 2010- 100th Anniversary Party of Chikamasa Co.,Ltd., was held.
  • December 2014- Establishment of a distribution warehouse next to the Niigata office, which has relocated to Koseki, Tsubame, Niigata Prefecture.
  • February 2015- The Niigata branch was renamed the Niigata office, and Kenji Takahashi was appointed Factory manager. Naoto Abe also became branch manager in Niigata.
  • January 2016- Takasago Factory was established which is a one minute walk from the head office.
  • April 2018- Spring Conferment of Decoration:
  • Chikamasa Chairman, Kisaburo Wada was awarded with The Order of the Rising Sun, Gold and Silver Rays.
  • April 2021- Izumi Factory was established which has been relocated in Nozomino, Izumi, Osaka Prefecture.

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